Therapeutic Bodywork


Choose from a variety of luxurious body treatments and therapies that are sure to melt away stress, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and pampered.



When life gets busy, it can be hard to manage all of the needs that are important for a balanced life.  That is why our highly trained and dynamic therapists provide a unique massage experience that integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your being. 

Each and every massage is personalized to meet your current mental and emotional state while focusing on the bigger picture of your overall well-being.  Whether you’re looking to dissolve stress, relieve undesired pain or you just want to reconnect back to the interconnectedness you have inside, we have just the right treatment for you. Give your body or some body you love the gift of health, self-love and body restoration this holiday season.  



Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage combines a variety of techniques (Myofascial, Trigger Point, Gua Sha, Pin and Stretch, Range Of Motion) to find and correct the root cause of discomfort. Application and pressure vary depending on the technique and the client’s comfort level; Therapeutic Massage can feel similar to Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage. This highly effective method is proven to release chronic pain and stress caused by misalignment, repetitive motions and past injuries.


Shiatsu is a Japanese form of therapeutic massage that is based on physical anatomy and the energy meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It uses pressure with thumbs, fingers and palms as well as range-of-motion movements and stretches to reduce stress, tightness and pain in the body. Shiatsu also works in conjunction with the breath to further deepen its relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Sessions are clothes-on with supportive cushions to deepen relaxation.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is a healing practice that induces very deep states of relaxation with static and very light touch to balance the craniosacral system in the body; this system includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spine. Craniosacral therapy works well with cases of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic sinus infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, and menstrual irregularity. Case studies have shown benefits for eye dysfunction, dyslexia, depression, motor coordination difficulties, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD, TMJ), hyperactivity, whiplash, cerebral palsy and other central nervous system disorders.


Reiki balances the energy systems of the body by removing blockages and cleansing the energy channels. Reiki is a Japanese technique which utilizes a gentle placement of the hands to channel universal life-force energy to the client in order to facilitate healing on all levels. The benefits of Reiki include releasing of habitual mental and emotional stress, reduction of anxiety and depression, improved sleep and encourage a deep sense of wellbeing and peace; the life-force energy floods the body to unwind the causes of chronic pain and can help conditions which are difficult to treat. Reiki benefits the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body and thus helps to establish optimum health.

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