Three (3) 60-Minute Coaching Sessions


Coaching is the most intelligent and fastest way to get what you want out of life. During this special series of Three (3) 60-Minute sessions you get to choose where you want to focus your positive transformation.

Choose an area that inspires you:

  1. ~ Awakening Package | Spiritual Coaching
  2. ~ Wealth Package | Flourishing Abundance
  3. ~ Healing Package | Releasing Unwanted Hurt


Start with this package of three and get on the fast track to the future you desire.


The most inspiring leaders always continue learning and growing by surrounding themselves with people who can show them what they can’t see and teach them what they do not know.  Accelerate your personal growth by investing in a private series of coaching sessions with an IntraAwareness NLP Practitioner & Spiritual Coach.  How often do you put yourself in a situation where the entire focus is on you and helping you get to where you want to be (physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually)?

During this special series of Three (3) 60-Minute sessions you have the freedom to chose which category you wish to elevate in your life.

  1. Awakening Package | Spiritual Coaching will guide you to effectively quiet your mind and re-connect back to your higher-self and life’s purpose.
  1. Wealth Package | Wealth includes your relationship to money, but is not limited to it. Wealth includes flourishing health, love, relationships and abundance in life. Receive personalized guidance on clarifying & manifesting what is it you truly want.
    1. Healing Package | Let us help you get to the root cause of what is creating hurt inside of your-self and in your life. Release what is preventing you from feeling complete within yourself.


During your first session you will get clarity on what you want and get to the root cause of what’s holding you back. Your second session will include utilizing transformational techniques to free you from old habits, problems or obstacles. In the third session of this series you and your coach will co-create a clear plan of action that will lead you to your desired outcomes.

Available in person in Minneapolis, MN or anywhere in the world online via Skype. For greatest immersion and growth, packages are to be completed within 6 weeks of first session. 

Package Type:

Awakening Package, Wealth Package, Healing Package

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